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Transforming Engagement Meetings: Empowering Meaningful Conversations

Every year, thousands of meetings are held between large-scale emitters and their most substantial shareholders. These engagement meetings are crucial for enabling asset managers to achieve both competitive returns and net zero alignment. Improving these meetings can massively benefit both asset managers, asset owners and large emitters. Our ambition is that Zerolytics can empower a transformation in the way engagement meetings are conducted.

Our firm belief is that our tool can help shift the current paradigm from high level, backward looking, checkbox-style dialogues to deeper and financially oriented and more impactful conversations. Moreover, they can also positively impact those companies who are genuinely committed to addressing climate transition risks; enabling to distinguish leaders from laggards. By gaining a more profound understanding of climate transition risks, asset managers can not only improve financial returns but also make a substantial contribution to addressing climate challenges.

This contribution comes through capital allocation that carefully considers the financial risks and opportunities associated with listed companies, as well as their long-term climate impact.

Old vs new